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excellence in orthodontics missionExcellence in Orthodontics began as a reaction to the pressing lack of general guidance or education for people who need orthodontic care for themselves or their loved ones. Before Excellence in Orthodontics, the typical patient who needed treatment had three possible ways to find an orthodontist:

With the latter two of these methods, the quality of orthodontic care that you receive basically amounts to a roll of the dice. After all, even if a family member or friend has a good experience with a particular doctor, that doesn’t mean the same orthodontist will have the right experience or skill to address your or your loved one’s unique treatment needs. And while many, many dentists will refer their patients to the right choice of orthodontist, there are unfortunately some dentists who may let their referral choice be influenced by reasons other than a patient’s best interest.

As a patient, how are you to know that your orthodontist is truly the best choice? Thanks to Excellence in Orthodontics, there is now a better way.

Our mission is to remove the uncertainty for you when it’s time to choose a provider for quality orthodontic care.
We seek to provide you with the tools and the education to be able to answer two key questions with full confidence:

  1. What are the most important questions to ask a potential orthodontist before starting my or my loved one’s treatment?
  2. How can I be sure that a particular orthodontist is the best choice to treat my or my loved one’s unique case?

The educational materials provided on this site have been designed to fill in any potential knowledge gaps that you may have. After reading the materials on this site, you will know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist, the signs that a loved one may need treatment, the common types of orthodontic treatment available, and some ways to recognize the difference between quality orthodontic care and subpar treatment. You will know the right questions to ask a potential orthodontist, and you will be able to recognize when a second opinion (or a third) may be in order.

In addition to educational materials, Excellence in Orthodontics also provides free access to our national database of quality orthodontists. This isn’t simply a long list of providers, either! We include only one orthodontist per geographic area, and each orthodontist in our database has been carefully selected to comply with the highest standards of clinical care and customer service. You don’t just need to take our word for it, though. Use your new educational tools to evaluate our recommendations for yourself! You will quickly see that Excellence in Orthodontics isn’t just our name – it’s our guiding philosophy.

Your Top Rated & Favorite Orthodontists

Our son has a LOT of anxiety about visiting ANY doctor, and Excellence In Orthodontics has made the transition into the orthodontics world a VERY easy and painless experience for our family. Thank you for all that you do to bring beautiful smiles to our family and many many more!
Donna L.
Orlando, FL
I love the doctors and staff recommended by Excellence In Orthodontics! All very knowledgeable and always very pleasant at each appointment. They consistently run on time, which is very rare with doctors these days. They are also very willing to work with you on billing arrangements so you can afford a financial burden like braces. I never would have found my Orthodontist without the help of Excellence In Orthodontics!”
Maria R.
Houston, TX
Excellence In Orthodontics is absolutely amazing! My daughter sees an orthodontist recommended by Excellence In Orthodontics and she has never had a bad experience with them at all. I highly recommend Excellence In Orthodontics!
Bethany C.
Grand Rapids, MI
Excellence in Orthodontics has been a great resource to find the best orthodontist for our daughter. The experience with the orthodontist has been better than we ever expected.
Mary J.
Phoenix, AZ
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