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Orthodontist, Dr. James Stork

orthodontist dr james storkDescriptions like: speaker, teacher, author, mentor and orthodontic specialist seem to fall short when describing Dr. James Stork. The passion that Dr. Stork has for his patients, team members, colleagues, and life in general is just contagious. As owner and president of Stork Orthodontics, Dr. Stork impacts more than just his patients. As a child, not having orthodontic treatment negatively impacted his life. Hiding his smile and holding his personality back, orthodontic treatment was out of reach for Dr. Stork’s family financially. Finally, after graduating high school and receiving money for graduation, Dr. Stork decided to use that money for something would change the course of his life.

Getting accepted to the world re-known Mayo Clinic was no easy task. Over 100 applicants apply and yet only 1 is accepted. In 2008, that was Dr. James Stork. If getting accepted to the most prestigious orthodontic school in the country was not enough, Dr. Stork is also the founder and leader of the Elite Iowa Study Club, an education source for over 25 dentists in the greater Des Moines area.

Inside Stork Orthodontics, Dr. Stork is focused on putting his patients first; providing treatment options that works best for them. He is leading the way serving children that have airway concerns which affect many aspects of life if left untreated. Dr. Stork enjoys helping adults achieve the smile they have always dreamed of utilizing aesthetic options such as Invisalign. Dr. Stork is the largest single doctor Invisalign provider in the Des Moines area. In fact, Dr. Stork is treating the Invisalign rep for the state of Iowa who told Dr. Stork that he sees everything behind the scenes: treatment outcomes, patient satisfaction, and there is no other office that he would trust with his smile.


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4090 Westown Pkwy, Suite 101
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Our son has a LOT of anxiety about visiting ANY doctor, and Excellence In Orthodontics has made the transition into the orthodontics world a VERY easy and painless experience for our family. Thank you for all that you do to bring beautiful smiles to our family and many many more!
Donna L.
Orlando, FL
I love the doctors and staff recommended by Excellence In Orthodontics! All very knowledgeable and always very pleasant at each appointment. They consistently run on time, which is very rare with doctors these days. They are also very willing to work with you on billing arrangements so you can afford a financial burden like braces. I never would have found my Orthodontist without the help of Excellence In Orthodontics!”
Maria R.
Houston, TX
Excellence In Orthodontics is absolutely amazing! My daughter sees an orthodontist recommended by Excellence In Orthodontics and she has never had a bad experience with them at all. I highly recommend Excellence In Orthodontics!
Bethany C.
Grand Rapids, MI
Excellence in Orthodontics has been a great resource to find the best orthodontist for our daughter. The experience with the orthodontist has been better than we ever expected.
Mary J.
Phoenix, AZ
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